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Posted by LittleMoose on November 10, 2012

We're proud to announce a brand new feature from Little Moose. As well as providing you with cute character based gifts, bags and jewellery, we're now promoting your creative spirit by introducing the Little Moose Doodle Club!

Why are we doing this?

Well, the two of us who started Little Moose (Carrie & James) are avid doodlers and drawers and we're forever drawing up cute characters on scraps of paper. Our own range of Doodllery was inspired directly from the pages of Carrie's sketchbook. The Sugar Coated range of cat, skull and owl bags and purses as well as the cute Wagtail range are also drawn by Carrie's fair hand. So you can see, doodling is very close to our heart!

How to take part

Every Monday, we'll give out a title for a doodle and we want everybody to send us their own interpretation of it. It can be big, small, silly or serious - we just want everybody to get involved and join in. It doesn't matter if you've never doodled before in your life or if you're a world famous illustrator, we want to see what you can do! As well as all of you, we will be joining in as well!

Once you've got a copy of your doodle, be it in a sketchbook, on a napkin, on the computer or scribbled on a postage stamp take a photograph of it and upload it to your Facebook or Twitter and tag Little Moose in it! You'll need to 'like' us on Facebook to tag us and if you're on Twitter, make sure you use the hashtag #lmdoodleclub or '@' reply us in so we can find it.

You can find us at or

We'll try and compile all of our favourite doodles of the week on our blog, and of course they'll also appear on our Facebook page if you tag us. It'd be really lovely to see you all get involved so please tell all of your friends about the idea - viva la doodle!

Some doodle facts

At the moment, we're just doing this for fun, but we might run some special doodles with prizes.

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