Laser Cut Acrylic Jewellery

A lot of our unique jewellery is made through a process called laser cutting, from materials such as perspex (also known as acrylic), plastic and wood. Once our quirky jewellery designs have been laser cut, they are all hand finished and assembled by us in our South coast studio. We try to push the boundaries of what is possible with acrylic jewellery, by layering it, sourcing unusual colours and creating unique designs that you won't find anywhere else.

'Insect' Laser Cut Acrylic Jewellery

Gold and bronze tones make this collection strikingly oppulent. Incredibly detailed geometric etched patterns, layers of mirrored acrylic and hand set Swarovski crystals make this a collection not to be missed.

'Faces' Laser Cut Acrylic Jewellery

Quirky face illustrations are brought to life with cleaver layering of acrylic to add depth and character.

'Woodland' Laser Cut Acrylic Jewellery

Inspired by the folk art of Mexico, our 'Woodland' collection features prancing fawns and gallopping horses - all amongst the foliage of the forest, overlooked by beautiful blue birds.

'Prawn' Laser Cut Acrylic Jewellery

Handmade from layers of pastel pink and mirrored pink acrylic, our prawn collection of jewellery features large statement pieces and every day, easy to wear necklaces, rings, brooches and earrings. Don't be shellfish, share it with the world.

'Alice In Wonderland' Laser Cut Acrylic Jewellery

We've taken the characters from Lewis Carrolls literary classic and given them a Little Moose twist. From the instantly recognisable Cheshire Cat, to croquet flamingos - you'll be sure to find your favourite Alice in Wonderland character here.

'Catnap' Laser Cut Acrylic Jewellery

The perfect jewellery collection for cat lovers. Our laser cut acrylic cat jewellery comes in a few colours, from the plain black to the vibrant live-edge orange, yellow and red. Check out our ever popular sausage cat necklace for something truly unique and quirky.

'Jurassica' Laser Cut Acrylic Jewellery

Take a journey back through time, to when dinosaurs ruled the earth with our 'Jurassica' collection. A mix of eye catching dinosaur statement pieces and subtle, fossil inspired elegance come together in our 'Jurassica' collection.

'Dont Be Square' Laser Cut Acrylic Jewellery

We've mixed early morning kids cartoons with Japanese street style to create our bright and bold 'Dont Be Square' collection. Be sure to check out our accompanying bag collection

'Rainclouds' Laser Cut Acrylic Jewellery

Always take the weather with you. Our 'Raincloud' collection comes in two varieties, a glitzy glittered black with smiling laser cut raindrops or a simple silver with multicoloured raindrops.

'Sea Creatures' Laser Cut Acrylic Jewellery

Inspired by the deepest depths of the ocean, our Sea Creature collection features imaginitive double layered necklaces alongside charming, sophisticated etched sardines.

'Sloth' Laser Cut Acrylic Jewellery

Our statement sloth necklace features an intricately designed sloth family and delicately etched leaves. Take a sloth home with you.

'Space Unicorn' Laser Cut Acrylic Jewellery

Take a trip to the outer reaches of the galaxy on our iconic sausage unicorn necklace. Create your own magical fairytale with our Space Unicorn collection of laser cut jewellery.

'Doodllery' Laser Cut Acrylic Jewellery

Based on the curious kawaii doodled characters of Little Moose co-founder, Carrie, our Doodllery collection was our first foray into laser cut jewellery.

'Birdhouse' Laser Cut Brooches and Rings

A colourful collective of bird silhouettes from the humble London pigeon to an exotic Red Cardinal.