Our new Poison-dart frog jewellery collection

Posted by LittleMoose on June 26, 2023

We're excited to launch our brand new collection of laser cut acrylic poison dart frog jewellery, featuring the strawberry and yellow banded poison dart frog (for now at least). The collection features a selection of simple pendant necklaces, charm earrings to larger statement earrings and a totally tropical head turner of a statement necklace. We've long been intoxicated by these colourful jungle dwellers. We hope, like us, you think that this collection is a totally tropical summertime head turner.

Dart frogs are some of the most beautiful and diverse creatures on the planet, and their vibrant colours and patterns make them perfect for laser cut acrylic jewellery. We have scoured the globe for exciting new materials to capture the essence of these amazing creatures.

Meet the frogs

The strawberry poison-dart frog is one of the most diverse, with up to 30 different naturally occurring colour morphs. We've chosen the playful blue jeans version. Our strawberry poison-dart frog is made from a mesmerising fluorescent pink and swirling royal blue marble acrylic, with hand inked detail. The strawberry poison-dart frog is found in Central America and mostly hangs out amongst the leaf litter on the forest floor. Fabulously, the strawberry poison-dart frog will lay eggs on bromeliad plants and the male will keep them hydrated by transporting water to them. After about 10 days, the female strawberry poison-dart frog will transport her tadpoles on her back and drop one at a time into water filled locations. Every few days, she will return and drop off some food eggs for them - what a super mum!

Theyellow-banded poison dart frog is found in the northern parts of South America, particularly Venezuela and spends its time in the humidity of the rainforests, amongst bromeliads, flat rocks and the forest floor. The yellow-banded poison dart frog is one of the largest dart frogs, growing up to 5cm (which is still pretty tiddly if you ask us).

Frog facts!

We hope you enjoy this collection of poison dart frog laser cut acrylic dart frog jewellery. We put a lot of love and care into each piece, and we are proud to share them with you. Every piece of Little Moose jewellery is lovingly handmade by our talented team of makers in our Sussex studio.


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