Sometimes we are asked 'which is your favourite collection?' and we say 'we love all of them.' Because we do. Sometimes we are asked 'which are your bestsellers?' and we say 'everything sells well.' Because it does. And sometimes we're asked 'can you curate a short selection, for a little Little Moose flavour?' And we do. And we've done. Enjoy.

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  • AW18

    Gorgeous giraffes, amazing armadillos, bearded wonders and much more. AW18 is an eclectic mix of all things weird and wonderful and we wouldn't want it any other way.

  • SS18

    SS18 sees us adventuring both long and short haul - Buckle up for a voyage into outer space, or journey into a tropical rainforest with your parrot watching bino's close at hand.

  • Festive Favourites

    Grab your candy canes, hang your holly and unwrap your pudding because Christmas is coming once again! Take a look at some of our original laser cut Christmas jewellery - maybe you'll find a piece under your tree!

  • AW17

    Featuring handmade monkeys in ice baths and chillin’ in temples, mantelpiece ornaments, glittering gold stars and delicious fried eggs, our laser cut designs brighten the dreariest of days.

  • SS17

    Spring into summer and summer into spring, SS17 style, with our funky collection of warm weather treats. With watermelons, beach girls, bananas, oh my! We really do think you should give this a try.

  • Bestsellers

    What is the magic formula for making oneself popular? Laser cut, quirky and adorable as every piece of our jewellery is, these are the ones that continue to catch your collective eye. Have a gander.

  • Animal

    Where would we be without animals? From small furry cats that we stroke in the street, to leopards we'd run from if spotted in trees, we adore all creatures, big and small, and emulate their majesty in our animal designs.

  • Alice in Wonderland

    When Alice went down the rabbit hole, she didn't know what she'd find. A cheshire cat, mad hatter and jam tarts, oh my! Our laser-cut collection commemorates 150 years of Alice's adventures in Wonderland.

  • £20 and Under

    Boo hiss, but sometimes shopping must be done on a shoestring. For a budget option with all the Little Moose flavour, explore our faves for £20 and less. Happy shopping!.

  • All Collections

    So you've heard about our amazing Alpaca or sumptuous Sloth collections huh? Well, dive on in and explore all of our collections by name.