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Little Moose is a playful jewellery and accessories brand, based in Sussex. Utilising more than 10 years experience in laser cut, handmade design, Little Moose laser cut acrylic jewellery creations are as intricate as they are detailed, for an elevated wearing experience that will keep you smiling and coming back for more.

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Featured Jewellery Collections

  • Armadillo themed jewellery


    Armadill-oh my oh my. Brand new collection featuring this tough little critter now available. Curl up into a ball and roll on down to armadillo town.

  • Playful monkey jewellery

    Monkey Kingdom

    Laser cut and lovingly handmade, Monkey Kingdom is an ode to nature's little men, and all of the landscapes they happen to dwell in. It's time to go bananas.

  • Staffordshire Dog laser cut jewellery

    Staffordshire Dogs

    We've immortalised the Staffordshire pup with lasers, for a stylish display of vintage chic glamour, worn best on visits to entertain grandma.


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