All of our jewellery is handmade in the UK, with love and lasers. But what does that actually mean? Well, the love part is obvious - we take great care in designing and making all of our jewellery to ensure that you get the very best. So how about lasers? Are we proverbial Luke Skywalkers? Well, sort of... We just aren't, yet, weilding lightsabres. Our laser isn't quite so portable.

Our jewellery is made through a process called laser cutting, from materials such as Perspex (also known as acrylic), plastic and wood. We source a huge range of different coloured sheets of acrylic from the UK, Japan and the United States so that we can continue pushing boundaries and creating innovative, playful laser cut necklaces, brooches and earrings. We've got a big ol' laser machine that we cut each piece (no matter how big or small) of our jewellery out from these acrylic sheets, before assembling them by hand.

Find out how to care for your laser cut perspex jewellery.

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Our Latest Laser Cut Acrylic Jewellery

Take a walk on the wildside, or cultivate your own urban jungle, with our SS19 collections of playful laser cut jewellery. Fabulous Flamingos and Fennec Foxes, Horticultural highlights, Pretty Pangolins and Backpackers delights await you...

Some of our other handmade Laser Cut Jewellery

'Sloth' Laser Cut Acrylic Jewellery

Our statement sloth necklace features an intricately designed sloth family and delicately etched leaves. Take a sloth home with you.

'Prawn' Laser Cut Acrylic Jewellery

Handmade from layers of pastel pink and mirrored pink acrylic, our prawn collection of jewellery features large statement pieces and every day, easy to wear necklaces, rings, brooches and earrings. Don't be shellfish, share it with the world.

'Alice In Wonderland' Laser Cut Acrylic Jewellery

We've taken the characters from Lewis Carrolls literary classic and given them a Little Moose twist. From the instantly recognisable Cheshire Cat, to croquet flamingos - you'll be sure to find your favourite Alice in Wonderland character here.

'Cat' Laser Cut Acrylic Jewellery

The perfect jewellery collection for cat lovers. Our laser cut acrylic cat jewellery comes in a few colours, from the plain black to the vibrant live-edge orange, yellow and red. Check out our ever popular sausage cat necklace for something truly unique and quirky.

'Rainclouds' Laser Cut Acrylic Jewellery

Always take the weather with you. Our 'Raincloud' collection comes in two varieties, a glitzy glittered black with smiling laser cut raindrops or a simple silver with multicoloured raindrops.